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BT35TS Burst Tester

The Mill Masters BT35TS Burst Tester offers a fully automatic tube bursting cycle that will help you maintain a good quality tube. Just install the tube,close the stainless steel enclosure door and push the start button, the BT35TS will do the rest.

Most burst testers in the industry today require a time consuming tool change when changing from tube size to tube size, or from one wall thickness to another. The BT35TS also eliminates the need to change tooling for a wide range of tubing.

Mill Masters offers PLC controls with digital read out that registers and maintains the bust pressure reading until the reset button is pushed.

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Dimple Free Zone Tube Dimple Station

Introducing Mill Masters New Dimple Free Zone Tube Dimple Station. No more hassles with Dimples at the tube ends creating poor header to tube joints.

The Mill Masters Dimple Free Zone Tube Dimple Station is PLC Controlled allowing for precise dimple positioning at the tube cut area. Contact Mill Masters Sales Representative for more information.


Dimple Station Tech Specifications

  • Precision dimple and rib placement at cut end of tube

  • for 100% tube-to-header braze

  • Two and three-chamber tubes with or without dimples

  • PLC controlled - self adjusts every cut

  • Up to 183 meters per minute (600 FPM)

  • Exceeds 10 discrete dimple patterns per sec.

Download full Tube Dimple Station brochure



RC342 Rotary Cut Off

The Mill Masters RC340 Rotary Cut Off Machine is designed for cutting flat oval shaped tubes inline with a high-speed tube mill. Utilizing Mill Masters proprietary software designed to control the mechanical components, the RC340 offers excellent cut quality.

The tubes are cut using a precision blade as it passes through the cut off die set.
The blade is mounted on a rotating cutter arm driven by a servomotor.


Download full RC342 brochure

Tube Trayers & Handling Equipment

The Mill Masters TS-3440 Tube Stacker can orientate and stack tubes from 5.1 to 40 inches in length, and 13mm to 34mm in height. State of the art PLC controls enable the Mill Masters TS-3440 to process heater core tubes at a rate of up to 300 tubes per minute as a single unit, and 600 tubes per minute as a double unit.

Mill Masters has developed a tube trayer for the flat oval tube industry. It has been a long road, but Mill Masters has designed, built, and tested the first of a long line of high speed tube stackers.

The thin wall tube industry has been waiting a long time for a stacker that will finally handle the short length heater core tubes without having to slow the tube mill down to a crawl. Mill Masters new stacker can handle tubes from 150 mm long to 1000 mm long in a variety of tube heights ranging from 12 mm to 40 mm.

Weld / Squeeze Boxes

Mill Masters can supply you with all your weld box needs. Whether you need a standard weld box, stainless steel, or water cooled. Mill Masters is your one stop weld box source.


Let Mill Masters retrofit your tube mill to utilize subplate systems or rafts. Mill Masters can adapt subplates to almost any brand of tube mill allowing for quick and easy tooling changes which result less downtime and less scrap.



















Precision Tooling

Mill Masters Precision Tooling is manufactured to standards that are second to none. Our highly skilled craftsmen utilize up to date precision CNC Lathes to manufacture our precision tooling to exact specifications allowing you to produce the highest quality tubes. All Mill Masters Tooling is manufactured utilizing our exclusive 8 step machining process ensuring you the highest quality all of the time.

Mill Masters offers tooling in a variety of materials such as D2, Carbide and Ceramics. Our Tooling Design Engineers design your tooling to produce tubes to your exact specifications. Tooling can be provided for Mill Master’s tube mills as well as any other brand Tube Mill.

Replacement Tooling

Mill Masters can supply with minimum lead time, complete replacement Tooling for both Welded Seam and Lockseam Tube Mills. Tooling can be provided for Mill Master’s tube mills as well as any other brand Tube Mill.

Tooling Regrind

Mill Masters offers complete tooling regrind service in our precision state of the art facility. Mill Masters can provide regrind service on tool steel, carbide and ceramic tooling. Regrinding can extend the life of the roll and complete roll set. Tooling can be reground for Mill Master’s tube mills as well as any other brand Tube Mill. Tooling Regrinds can be delivered by Mill Masters with reduced lead time and with considerable savings as compared to replacement tooling.




Spare Parts

Don't let inferior reverse engineered parts rob your tube mill of operating at its maximum performance. Mill Masters offers a complete array of spare parts for your McKenica or Mill Masters tube mill.


We are the only authorized supplier of McKenica spare parts. Mill Masters owns all the parts drawings to supply you with parts that are the exact spec as the original manufacturer.

For more information on any of our products please contact a Mill Masters sales representative.  Sales: (731) 668-5558

Discover Mill Masters - Your Ultimate Destination for Tube Manufacturing Excellence! 


Elevate your tube manufacturing process with Mill Masters! We offer a diverse array of top-quality products designed to meet your every need. From Charge Air Coolers to Aluminum Tubing, we've got the solutions you've been searching for!


Check out our extensive lineup:


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  • CAC tubing


Let us help you achieve unparalleled success in tube manufacturing! 


Unlock the potential of your production process with Mill Masters. Experience excellence today!


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