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Empower Your Heat Exchanger Manufacturing with Mill Masters Tube Mill Solutions!


Attention Heat Exchanger Manufacturers: Take Control of Your Production Process with Mill Masters Tube Mills!

Are you tired of relying on external suppliers for your tube needs? Ready to streamline your production process and cut costs? Mill Masters has the solution you've been searching for!


Why Invest in Mill Masters Tube Mill Solutions?


1. In-House Tube Production: Say goodbye to outsourcing! With Mill Masters Tube Mills, you can produce your own high-quality tubes in-house, giving you greater control over your supply chain, quality, inventory and eliminating the need to depend on external suppliers.

2. Customizable Solutions: Our tube mill systems are fully customizable to meet your unique specifications and production requirements. Whether you need different tube sizes, materials, or production speeds, we have the flexibility to tailor our solutions to your exact needs.

3. Precision Engineering: Our tube mill equipment is built with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, ensuring consistent tube dimensions, superior quality, and maximum efficiency in your manufacturing process.

4. Cost Savings: By bringing tube production in-house, you can significantly reduce costs associated with outsourcing and transportation. Plus, with optimized efficiency and productivity, you'll see a rapid return on your investment.

5. Comprehensive Support: From installation and training to ongoing maintenance and support, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your success every step of the way. We're here to help you maximize the potential of your tube mill system and keep your production running smoothly.


Don't let external suppliers dictate your production schedule and bottom line. With Mill Masters Tube Mill Solutions, you have the power to take control of your heat exchanger manufacturing process and unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability.


Learn more about our tube mill solutions and discover how we can empower your business. Contact us today at to schedule a consultation and start revolutionizing your production capabilities!


Mill Masters: Empowering Heat Exchanger Manufacturers to Produce Their Own Tubes and Drive Success.

We are the world's leading manufacturer of Thin Wall Tube Mills

and related equipment used to produce welded, folded and lockseam tubing, we pride ourselves on being a complete resource for the thin wall tube industry.

Mill Masters is always on the lookout for changes to the existing markets, while also watching as new markets emerge. In this way, Mill Masters ensures our existing products are updated to meet new needs, and new products are created to fill the gaps in the emerging markets. When it comes to research and development (R&D), we look at the issues our customers are having, and general challenges that are being faced in the industry, and then conduct a team brainstorming session to discuss solutions to the current and emerging issues. We are the go-to company for R&D projects that most other companies do not want to do.






Over the last decade and a half, Mill Masters has continued to manufacture welded seam tube mills as well as related tooling and components. Our primary markets have been the automotive and heavy-duty heat exchanger markets. However, in 2014 Mill Masters began to manufacture a new diversified range of products for applications such as thin-wall tubing for a number of heat exchanger applications for example: combustion and electric vehicles, off-highway vehicles, locomotives, power generation (i.e. standby for medical facilities), food and liquid preservation, air conditioning, and small diameters welded cable mills for the 5G subsea, communications (i.e. fiber optic), power transmission cable, oil sensor cable, and nuclear industries monitoring cable. 


Mill Masters Mission:

Mill Masters is dedicated to maintaining our reputation as the leader in all thin wall welded seam tube markets around the globe. How is this achieved? By providing the best quality, value, support, service, and delivery. By choosing Mill Masters for your project, you receive quality, value, and an all in a one-stop-shop. All of Mill Masters associates are committed to total quality. A customer’s product is dependent upon our products maintaining a stringent specifications. In terms of value, our innovative designs are guaranteed to maximize the customer’s production, improve quality, increase worker safety, reduce downtime, and assure an optimum return on their investment. With single source responsibility, our customers have everything they need including design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and testing all at one location.












Mill Masters services the heat exchanger, cable, and tubing industries - Mill Masters offers High Frequency Induction welded, Laser welded, TIG welded, and folded tube mills. Welded tubing and cabling sheathing typically are constructed of alloy materials such as: aluminum, brass, carbon steel, copper, Inconel, and stainless steel. Tube mills for heat exchanger include products such as CAC (Charge Air Coolers), WCWC (Water Cooled Water Coolers), ICAC (Internal Charged Air Cooler), radiators, oil coolers, air condensers, internally enhanced condensers, and EGRs (exhaust gas recyclers). EGRs significantly reduce pollution by recycling the exhaust back through the engine and burning it off, releasing less pollution into the air.

Beyond tube mills, Mill Masters also manufactures precision-made roll tooling for any brand of tube mill, quick change tooling subplates for fast and easy tooling size changeovers, high speed cutoffs for cut-to-length tubing, weld boxes for TIG or laser applications, weld boxes for HF induction weld applications, and other ancillary equipment such as burst testers, corrugators, swagers, subplate storage racks and carts, and dimple/dimple free components used for heat exchanger tube profiles. Additionally, the company works on various projects for the cable market, and fiber optics. Cables are made using stainless steel jacketed cables (Shield) internal fibers or control wires (cables). We provide equipment for making jacketed (shielded) subsea cable industry which run under the ocean from continent to continent around the world.




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   MILL MASTERS North America  



(731) 668-5558


(731) 668-5558


(731) 668-5558


Inside Sales/Customer Service Manager
Charles W. Cole

(731) 668-5558 Ext 106

Bill Panthofer
Phone: (731) 225-6455


Michael Panthofer:
Phone: (731) 693-1426

  MILL MASTERS Mexico & Southwestern US   

Jorge A. Warnholtz - Regional Sales Manager
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Mobile: 81-1266-4437

   MILL MASTERS Tech Support  

Randy Grantham
(731) 668-5558, ext 111

Service Manager
Wes Blankenship
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  Korean Agent   

eMachinery Co., Ltd  S. Korea

Jintae Lee

V. President
Phone: 010-6424-8240
Phone: 042-862-4915

  India Agent   

Mr. Rishi Bawdekar
Dwarka Engineers and Consultants
302, Rajlakshmi, Behind Shivaji Park P.O.,
N.C. Kelkar Road, Dadar
Mumbai - 400028.
Tel: (+91 22) 24310646
Cell: (+91) 98202 56981



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