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Our skilled technicians will evaluate all equipment on your mill. You will receive a detailed written report outlining all the particulars of the findings along with resulting recommendations.

Mill Alignments:

Mills which are optically aligned are more dependable, resulting in faster more accurate setups with less down time. A properly aligned mill will eliminate marking, weld roll over, and straightening problems.

Our programs help identify all the important areas of maintenance and operation for your mill. We help develop procedures to achieve quality standards.

Tooling Management and Maintenance Programs:

Toolbase, our computerized management system, provides a fast, efficient way to manage your rolls.


Features include the following:

improving your production planning, quick reference for parent tube sizes, tooling inventory, accumulated total footage, timely reworking, scheduling and more.

On Site Service and Support

Mill Masters can provide highly skilled technicians for on site service and training.

Hands on training gives your personnel the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from our staff on your mill.

Hands on training:

  • Mill Configuration

  • Preparing for Set Ups

  • Roll Terminology

  • Set Up Charts

  • Alignment & Set Up Tools

  • Checking Each Pass

  • Driven Stand Alignment

  • Setting RPM of Drives

  • Side Roll Stand Alignment

  • On Line Quality Control

  • Care of Spacers

  • Rework Charts

  • Piano Wire the Mill

  • Tooling Maintenance

Telephone Tech Support:

Randy Grantham (731) 668-5558, ext 31

Wes Blankenship : (731) 668-5558 ext 23

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